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Glimpse - MOGS - N A Purandare PG Teaching Programme
held on 24th April 2016 at Kohinoor Hospital Kurla West

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During Presidential year of Dr Nandita Palshetkar this was the first N A Purandare PG teaching programme held at Kohinoor Hospital Kurla west

Date and time - Sunday 24th April 2016, Between 9am to 2pm

Conveners being Dr.Ganpat Sawant, Dr. Anjali Talwalkar and Dr.Gauri Sabnis (Asst prof DYP)

This programme was attended by 50 students and 13 faculties

Case presentations were done by three PG students of D Y Patil medical college on menorrhagia , antepartum haemorrhage and post partum haemorrhage.

All the three students exam was taken by panel of senior and expert examiners, which consisted Dr.Badwar mam,Dr.R M Sarogi,DR.Sriram gopal,Dr.Rishi Rajpal, and Dr.Anjali Talwalkar 

All students thoroughly enjoyed the various styles of different examiners of taking exam and it was a great learning experience for them.

After a small break there were four talks related to above topics .

For example

  1. Classification of AUB by Dr. Parikshit Tank. All of us know that there are newer and complicated classifications of menstrual disorders which were explained in simplified manner by Dr. Parikshit
  2. Dr. Sachin Ajmera, one of the youth council members explained about various compression /haemostatic sutures used in Atonic PPH.
  3. Dr. Deepak Desai from Virar showed different techniques of internal iliac ligation in cases of obstetric haemorrhage.
  4. Dr. Ganpat Sawant spoke on non descent vaginal hysterectomy- different tricks and tips, where he showed different video clips of every step.

All talks were chaired by consultants from Kohinoor hospital namely Dr.Uma Agashe, Dr. Smita Orke and Dr.Gauri Gore

Programme ended with lunch.

We thanked all faculties, students and Kohinoor hospital management for providing necessary infrastructure.

We also thank President and Secretary MOGS for giving opportunity to conduct 1st NAP.

By Dr. Ganpat Sawant and Dr. Anjali Talwalkar : Conveners

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