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Primary Health Centre (PHC) Palghar Camp held on 22nd May, 2019

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Report of Sahabhag 2.0 (Social Responsibility Cell of CM Office) Medical Camp in Tribal area of Palghar on Wednesday May 22, 2019 – World Preeclampsia Day with MOGS / IAP Thane - Palghar

Objectives – Screening High Risk Mothers / Children – Capacity building of Local Medicals / Paramedicals – Increasing patient awareness

Total of 19 PHC centers were covered with 57 attending Doctors. 36 Ob Gyn and 21 Pediatricians (IAP) attended the camp. Ante natal patients were examined and screened mainly for anemia / preeclampsia and pediatric patients were screened mainly for malnutrition.

The camp started with sumptuous breakfast at President Dr Jaydeep Tank’s house at 7 am followed by another at Vithal Kamat’s restaurant on the way. After this, all cars with Medical personnel departed for their respective PHC.

At PHCs, all Antenatal patients were screened with detail history taking, clinical examinations.

History taking revealed most of the patients were having regular 3 meals in a day but intake of milk / milk products was lacking due to paucity. Aanganwadi / State health schemes were providing them with nutritional dietary supplements and protein powder. There were few unmarried pregnant females around 18 years of age. It appeared to be trend in tribal area of live in relationship and to have children.

Clinical examination – Weight / Height / TPR / BP / pallor / edema feet were checked and record was kept on Antenatal card given to them. Regular Obstetrical Examination and FHR were checked with Fetal doppler. Referral consultation with other specialty branches like dermatologist / physician / surgeon if required was brought to notice of respective PHC in charge. High risk patients were referred to higher centers. Breast examination was done at First ANC visit by para medicals.

Contraception: Gravida third and more were counselled for Contraception. Barrier contraception condom) was available. IUD insertion was being done and Tubal sterilization / Vasectomy was performed by qualified personnel once a month or depending upon demand under LA after required pre-operative investigations.

Investigations done (Hb, Blood Group, Sickle cell screening, Urine) were checked and extra investigations that were required were asked for in Consultations with Chief Medical Officer of respective PHCs. (Thalassemia screening, HbsAg, HIV) Patients with Hb less than 9 gm % were given Iron Sucrose injections and record was kept and repeat Hb was done after 2 – 3 weeks.

USG was done at least two times during pregnancy depending upon availability. In few centers, USG facilities were not provided. Some patients had reports of USG from Private practitioner.

2 doses of Inj TT 4 weeks apart was given to all patients. All patients were provided with Iron / Calcium / FA tablets. All of them were counselled for warning signs / signs of labor and were provided with information about reaching Health Care center in time. All patients were given health awareness talks.

This was followed by an interactive session with all paramedical / ANMs / ASHAs and PHC Medical Officer to solve queries and difficulties. Various ground level issues / areas needing attention were identified and resolved.

Total of 1502 ANC patients were screened. 235 were diagnosed to have anemia of which 118 were given Inj Iron Sucrose IV. 2 were diagnosed to have sickle cell and 1 had Beta Thalassemia. 24 had PIH and 72 patients were referred to higher centers for further management. That included Breech, BOH, previous C section, Placental hematoma, IUGR, Oligohydramnios, GDM, PP and in labor. There were 5 teenage pregnancies / 4 grand multiparas. 33 PNC patients were examined and given BF / contraceptive advice.

Total of 610 pediatric patients were screened for malnutrition by IAP members. 6 malnourished children were diagnosed / mothers were counselled and 5 were refereed to higher centers for further management.            

After good lunch, all of us departed from respective PHCs.

We would like Thank Organizers, President MOGS Dr Jaydeep Tank, Secretary MOGS Dr Niranjan Chavan and Ms Priyanka Shah - Consultant with CMs office for giving all of us an opportunity to work in Palghar Tribal area and give some positive and helpful guidance to improve health indicators. We would also like to thank IAP (Indian Association of Pediatrics) – Thane / Palghar for joining with us in this program.

Master Chart of Individual PHC attached.

Individual PHC Report – Palghar May 22, 2019

  1. Alna / Ganjad – Drs Kekin Gala - Shrutika Thakkar – MOGS
    Drs Jayshree Deshpande - Anjali Gokam – IAP
    Alna --- 93 ANC patients – 19 anemic (Hb 7 – 8.5 gm %) of which 16 treated with Iron Sucrose –
    2 diagnosed as FT Breech – USG advised – ref to higher centers
    40 children – 3 severely malnourished – 1 active Koch’s
    Ganjad – 140 ANC – 80 Pediatric – detected High risk, cardiac, severe anemia, PIH, IUGR, sickle cell, FT mentally challenged, 1 with tracheostomy tube
    Scans not done in time – mostly private set up    
  2. Chandranagar / Chinchani – Drs Punit Bhojani - Kausha Shah – MOGS
    Drs Amit Samant - Shailendra More – IAP
    70 ANC – 40 children screened
  3. Ashagad / Dundalwadi – Drs Yogesh Trivedi - Pranay Desai – MOGS
    Drs Sunil Bilhade -Jagdish Bhadbhade – IAP
    Ashagad --- 94 ANC / Iron Sucrose -5 / Sickle cell – 1 / PIH – 3 / pediatric
    Dundalwadi --- 48 ANC, 7 sickle cell, 3 UTI, 3 PIH, 20 Anemia, 1 Poly, 1 Beta Thal , 1 Fetal anomaly, 17 PNC – 24 Pediatric
  4. Gholwad – Drs Navneet Desai - Shalini Mahapatra – MOGS / Dr Asha Bhadbhade – IAP
    74 ANC – 40 Paediatric / Iron Sucrose – 6 / Sickle Cell – 2 / PIH - 1
  5. Saywan – Drs Rajshri Khayde / Sayali Wankhedkar – MOGS / Dr Clarence Gonsalves – IAP
    65 ANC / 2 FT patients adv for admission / 4 anemic pt Iron sucrose given. 60 pediatric – visited labor room / female n male ward / pharmacy
  6. Tawa – Drs Bhavini Shah --Bhumika Kotecha – MOGS / Dr Waseem Kazi – IAP
    Total 102, Pediatric 23, ANC 92, PNC 10, Ref 12
  7. Sutrakar – Drs Sudha - Aditi Tandon - Vaishali Sarag – MOGS / Dr Abhay Pagdhare – IAP
    75 ANC patients – 5 Anemic Iron Sucrose given – 2 ref to higher centers- PIH. Placental hematoma, 1 prev LSCS with 2 VBAC,
  8. Udhawa – Drs Sujata Dalvi - Dinesh Wade - Apeksha Mohite – MOGS / Dr Anju Tiwari – IAP
    Screened appr 40 patients – Ref 1 for scabies for Dermatologist Opinion – 1 Anemia- Fe Sucrose
    1 prev 2 LSCS – counselled for TL, 3 Teenage Pregnancy
    Screened appr 20 children – all were healthy
  9. Wasa – Drs Riddhi Desai - Ruchi Chokshi – MOGS / Dr Shailesh Barot – IAP
    Total 149 patients – 87 Ob Gyn, Pediatrics 62, 1 PIH, Anemia with Fe Sucrose 10, Sev Oligo 2, Prev IUFD BOH 2, UM Primi 1
  10. Kurze – Drs Reena Wani - Pramila Yadav - Anam Syed – MOGS / Dr Vaibhavi Barot – IAP
    Health talks followed by screening – 86 ANC, 40 Gynaec, 40 Pediatric
  11. Malwada – Drs Bella Bhatt - Pragnya Changade – MOGS / Dr Geeta Bhat – IAP
    117 ANC, 32 Pediatric, 50 anemia, 28 Iron Sucrose, 5 Ref for delivery
    Pediatric – 3 acute malnutrition / 4 ref to higher centers
  12. Talwada – Drs Jagruti Ghosh - Yesha Sevalia – MOGS / Dr Mahendra Helode – IAP
    85 ANC, 1 Sickle cell ref, 5 BOH ref, 1 ref Os tightening, 1 scorpion bite adm, 1 in labor, 5 PIH,
    1 teenage pregnancy, 12 Pediatric 
  13. Khanivali – Drs Medha Tankiwale - Gaurav Joshi – MOGS / Dr Parmanand Anandkar – IAP
    ANC 87, PNC 6, Pediatrics 23, Ref 11, PIH 2, Sev Anemia with Multipara 1, Breech at Term 1, HbsAg +ve 1, Sickle cell 2, PP at Term 1
  14. Parali – Drs Priti Vyas - Deepthi - Shweta More – MOGS / Dr Piyush Jupiter – IAP
    136 ANC, 90 Pediatric, 34 Iron Sucrose, 24 BT reservation, 3 Grand Multi, 3 PIH, 4 for Admission,
    1 in Labor, 6 IUGR, Fetal hepatomegaly 1, 7 BOH, 35 adv higher center delivery, 1 previous LSCS
  15. Gorhe – Drs Priya Vora - Sachin Paprikar – MOGS / Dr Vaishanavi Dingore - Maitreyee Joshi – IAP
    65 ANC, 24 Pediatric, 54 anemic, 2 PIH, 1 Adolescent Pregnancy, 1 precious pregnancy, 2 prev C section were screened
  16. Kudus – Drs Preeti Deshpande - Ashwini Kalyankar – MOGS / Drs Sanjay Hendre - Farheen Quereshi – IAP
    Total 140 ANC patients – 2 ref for severe PIH at 32 weeks – 70 Hb (8 – 9.5 gm %)
    Paediatric patients – 40

Report for Primary Health Centre (PHC) Kurze, Palghar

Team visit to Primary Health Centre Kurze,Palghar dist.organized by CM OFFICE with MOGS was attended by Dr.Reena Wani,Dr.Pramila Yadav, Dr Vaibhavi Barot(IAP) and Dr.Priyanka D.G.

We started with health talk for the collected patients,followed by personalized screening/check ups in 3 rooms.We covered 86 ANC cases,40 gynae cases and 40 pediatric patients till 2.30.PM. This was followed by an hour of interactive session with all the staff of the PHC and the Subcentres. Various ground level issues and areas needing attention were identified. This was followed by a homely lunch at Sughanda Farm House with the DHO Dr Suryawanshi. We all are heading back with new insights into ground realities of our rural health care system. We thank you the Organizers for the commendable efforts spanning 19 centres in Palghar.

Report for Gorhe Primary Health Centre (PHC)

Approximately 65 ante natal patients and 24 patients from the pediatric age group were examined by our team from Mumbai. Among 65 ANC examined most prevalent condition found was anemia, with approx. 90% of the patients coming with hemoglobin ranging from 6.5 to 8.8. Further management of these patients based on the standard clinical practice was decided. Further management for patients with gestational hypertension(2), diabetes mellitus (1), adolescent pregnancy(1), precious pregnancy (1), previous LSCS (2) was decided; patient, ANMs, ASHAs and PHC Medical officers were briefed about the same. Patients requiring specialized care and attention were referred to the designated higher center. It was worth noting despite the lab services and ultrasound being available for free of cost to the patients, patients were not being screened regularly; MOs were explained the need for the same and counseled for making a set protocol to ensure adequate screening and identification of high risk cases. Patients were also counseled regarding methods for family planning.

Dr Sujata Dalvi


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