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Presidential Address
  Dr. Vanita S. Raut  

Good afternoon, friends

This is a great honour that you have bestowed upon me…… to address my dear MOGS members from the president’s podium.

The greatness of our journey would be lost without the memory of our beginning.

Therefore on this important occasion, I want to acknowledge the persons who have helped me in my journey

My entry in MOGS occurred accidently. It started one day in 1993 when my good friend Dr. Hrishikesh Pai had come to KEM during his campaign for MOGS elections. He threw out a statement “full timers from teaching Institutes should also join the MOGS managing council and contribute meaningfully to the society”. It was this stimulus that plunged me into the fray.. Suddenly it was all rush rush … filling the form, getting seconded and the KEM gang pitched in from my faithful residents to well wishing colleagues and friends. Thus I was a duly elected member of MOGS and now I have climbed up the ladder.

My career as an Obs/Gynaec has been shaped by 3 great institutions: Topiwala National Medical College and BYL Nairhospital, Seth GS Medical College & KEM hospital, and Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital, Powai. I completed my Undergraduate and Post Graduation in Obs. & Gynaec from Nair, joined the department of Obs.&Gynaecat KEM as a Lecturer and rose to become Professor & head of unit.  After 21years of a satisfying tenure, I took Voluntary retirement and joined LHHH as a consultant, where I have been serving for the last 12 years.

All through this period I have had the privilege of being guided and helped by many. I take this opportunity to thank all of them for being there for me.

First of all, my teachers Dr.C.M Alwani and Dr. S.S. Thakur at Nair,Dr Alwani was my PG guide  and I did my registrar’s post in Dr Thakur’s unit. I am very lucky that both of them are present today and I am very grateful to both of them for the same.

Dr. M.S.Bhattacharyya at KEM laid the foundation of my Obs. & Gynaec skills, and Dr. Pravin Mhatre and Dr. Virkud helped to improve them further.

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.

I have been blessed to have had many influential figures in my professional life.

Dr. Shirish Sheth : among other things he involved me in the eclampsia and MAGPIE trials that set the ball rolling into research avenues.

Dr. S.N. Daftary always led by example, be it surgical techniques or management ideas. I remember I had accompanied Sir to Akola for a seminar; we were received by the local doctors. I was so impressed to hear him greet each one by name and ask about each person’s family remembering all their names too. When I spoke about it to Sir, he told me that he kept a diary and after each outstation visit he would note briefly all details including names and events. Whenever he was scheduled to go there again, he would refresh his memory by looking up the diary. I have let out the secret Sir, but I confess that I too have copied the idea and I call my diary the Daftary diary.

In Dr. Usha Krishna one can see the all -in -one phenomenon of teacher, clinician, organiser, hostess, who walks the tight rope of professional and personal life seemingly effortlessly.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the Tank family. Dr. D.K. Tank was such a great personality but so gracious and kind – he personally introduced me to his colleagueswhen I was campaigning for member of managing council. His sons Jaydeep and Parikshit who have inherited their father’s good qualities have also been very helpful and cooperative all along, and I am banking on more from them.

I have worked under many stalwarts in MOGS who have been past presidents Hrishikesh Pai, Vinita Salvi, Ashwini Bhalerao, Nozer Sherier, Suchitra Pandit and have had an opportunity to observe and learn from each of them.

I was privileged to be Ameet Patki’s secretary, he involved me in everything and together with Arun Nayak they laid down the norms for hard work and dedication and achievement.Though both of them are younger than me, in the matter of MOGS, they are like two big brothers supporting me in every aspect.

Last year was Dr. Nandita Palshetkar’s presidential year; we all are awed by the extravaganza that went hand in hand with the excellent Obs. & Gynaec work.I must mention that Nandita has been most helpful during her tenure, giving practical tips and forwarding funds as and when needed and I hope I can do the same for Dr Bipin Pandit.

MOGS has the good fortune that its secretary is also the current FOGSI president; I must thank you Rishma for all the valuable inputs and collaborations with FOGSI, in all events in this year’s MOGS calendar.

Presidents come and presidents go but the staffs of MOGS, Divyaben, Manohar, Naresh, Hemant, and Mandar have  always remained the mainstay behind  MOGS and I thank them wholeheartedly.

I wish to thank my dear friends, Anahita Chauhan, Kumkum Mathur and Nanda Mutalik who are my lieutenants/ henchmen and fall back guys, waiting in the wings to help me out, they often fire and criticize me, at every juncture.

My seniors and juniors who have helped me directly or indirectly I am thankful to them.

Padmashree Dr L H Hiranandani has been the inspiration and mentor under whose guidance I made the transition from KEM to LHHH. The Hiranandani hospital management has always encouraged participation in and promotion of MOGS activities and today’s event is no exception.

Mr Niranjan Hiranandani, our chairman and principal trustee has generously supported me in all my academic ventures. The organizational backbone is strengthened by our stalwarts Dr ChatterjeeCEO, Dr Anurag Nayak, MD, and Dr Arun Shetty our past MD. Their unstinting support, guidance and active assistance are my strengths that help to tide overany weak links that crop up. Thank you gentlemen.

I also thank my colleagues at Hiranandani Hospital, Dr Anita Soni and Dr Rakhee Sahu for their support and shall continue to depend upon them more in the future.

All my residents who have travelled this road with me, I thank you very much for your constant help.

I would like to thank all our educational partners...........................

The support of my family has been heartening and strengthening throughout. My late parentshad always encouraged me in all extra-curricular activities. My late husband Shekhar was my biggest encouragement in my endeavour to climb the MOGS ladder. My sisters and in laws have been there for me and are proud of all my efforts and achievements. Their pride in me is my strength.

The one person who has cheerfully and ungrudgingly let go her claims to my time, whether for hospital duties or MOGS activities is my daughter Anagha. I am very appreciative and thankful for this sacrifice. God bless you, beta. And also the new addition to my family, Siddharth, my future son in law, who has actually helped in preparing this presentation.

We have an interesting academic calendar planned for the coming year.

Theme for my  year is “Women’s health … Nation’s true wealth”

The MOGS year will kick off with its first conference, “Fetus as a patient” on April 22nd and 23rd at Hotel Leela. Medical science has evolved to such a point that not only are many fetal anomalies and pathologies picked up in utero, they can also be treated in utero. That is why we have come up with the concept of fetus as a patient. There will be 2 pre- congress workshops: During the FOGSI workshop, many aspects of preterm and growth restricted fetus will be discussed, and the second workshop will be on CTG monitoring by Prof Arulkumaran.

The next conference on”Infections in ObGyn will be held on 11 June at ITC Grand Central Parel. We are surrounded by infections that manifest in a myriad of presentations, varying from trivia to life threatening septicaemia. The far reaching consequences of PUO, dengue, chikangunia have been brought home to us too often to permit complacency. Incipient infections can cause untold harm to pregnant mothers and their foetuses. Vaginal discharge is a time honoured problem that has plagued women for aeons. We hope to address many such issues in this conference and workshops with our renowned faculty.

September 1,2, 3 will see the AICC  RCOG CONFERENCE jointly organized with FOGSI and MOGS at the Trident, Mumbai. Dr. Ameet Patki, Chair RCOG AICC west zone will be the organizer of this conference.

The FEMM conference in November 2017 will be held under the aegis of FOGSI, MOGS, where our FOGSI President Rishma Pai is sure to have a wonderful show to outdo the previous’ years. The brainstorming sessions on fertility enhancement are slated to be a memorable, useful, enlightening treasure trove of knowledge.

March 2018…. We will hold the annual conference; the dates are yet to be finalized.

Dr Nozer Sherier started the trendof doctors going out to the community …… the outreach activities of MOGS. We will continue this excellent programme in many parts of Mumbai and its suburbs.

The MOGS intensive teaching and training programme, the NA Purandare teaching programmes will be organized in keeping with previous years and I hope the PGs will benefit immensely.

Our website, News and Views and Quiz started by Dr Nandita shall continue in their traditional formats and we invite active contributions from all our youth council.

The CSR Initiative Corporate Social Responsibility is an inherited obligation that I will fulfil with pleasure. With my team I hope to be actively involved in improving women’s health in ALL strata of society.

The YES programme for adolescent girls will be conducted along with FOGSI

Reaching out to women serving in the police dept and to the dependant women of police personnel with a view to detect Obs. & Gynaec issues, was again started in Nandita’s year and with the support of my team we will continue the same.

As a part of social responsibility even our conference bags will be bought organization “Kshitij” which cares for physically and mentally disabled.

This was a brief outline of the year’s programme. I request you all to participate wholeheartedly in this team effort.

Professionally today is perhaps the greatest moment of my life. Many responsibilities and challenges lie ahead. To be honest, I am feeling very anxious right now and I wonder if I will be able to fill the shoes of the great men and women who have preceded me. But I’m a proud MOGS-ian, and to hold the highest office of the Society is an absolute honour for me. I will try and do utmost justice to my post with the whole hearted support of my team and all of you.

Thank you

      Dr. Bipin Pandit
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